Falls: More Common Than You Think

We get it: walking is easy. However, as we get older, we face new obstacles that may put us at greater risk for falls. In fact, falls are the number one reason for injuries in older adults. While falling is common among older adults, it is not a normal part of aging and most falls are preventable. Lauren Stenger, Injury Prevention Coordinator at Good Samaritan Medical Center, shares her top tips for staying safe:

Talk to Your Doc

Talk to your doctor about potential risks, including medications, conditions and other factors that may increase your chances of experiencing a fall. If you’ve already experienced a fall, be sure to follow up with your doctor to discuss recovery and ways to avoid future falls.


Exercises that focus on improving strength, balance, endurance and flexibility are important to help prevent falls. Check out Colorado Area Agencies on Aging for classes near you.

Footwear Matters

Proper footwear is critical, especially during winter months. Opt for sturdy shoes with good traction.

Take Your Time

Leave early, and take your time. Many falls are related to rushing and quick movements. Be sure to give yourself adequate time to get where you’re going, especially during inclement weather.

Home Safety

The majority of falls happen at home. Stay independent by removing clutter and potential tripping hazards like cords and throw rugs.

Use this checklist to get started: CLICK HERE for the Home Fall Prevention Checklist from the CDC

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