Good Samaritan Medical Center's Caring Council Head Named a Colorado Health Care Star by the Colorado Hospital Association and American Sentinel University

American Sentinel University and Colorado Hospital Association named Nicole Hopewell, head of the Caring Council at Good Samaritan Medical Center, as a Colorado Health Care Star Award winner. This award recognizes Hopewell as an exceptional health care professional.

Colorado Health Care Stars is a statewide health care professional award recognition program sponsored by American Sentinel University and Colorado Hospital Association. The program was launched in February 2015 to acknowledge industry professionals in Colorado who exceed expectations in the delivery of health care.


Hopewell is the head of the Caring Council at Good Samaritan Medical Center. With the overarching goal of ‘caring for the caregiver,’ this council is full of individuals who know what a really tough shift, week or month at work feels like and they have created ways to help make hospital employees feel supported, listened to, and understood. They are promoting resiliency and assisting employees in avoiding the burnout from the emotional and psychological stress of working in healthcare.


“Nicole and her council members are focused on ensuring that we acknowledge that work in healthcare can be physically, emotionally and psychologically stressful and that we identify opportunities where we can provide some reprieve from that stress,” said Jen Alderfer, President of Good Samaritan Medical Center. “Her efforts have a huge impact on our employees and their wellbeing.”
“Nicole is a great example of caring for caregivers – and has truly gone above and beyond,” said Michael Rickart, Vice President of Partner Engagement for American Sentinel University. “We’re happy that our partnership with the Colorado Hospital Association allows us to honor her achievements and name her a Colorado Health Star.

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