SCL Health Launches New "Power to the Patient" Marketing Campaign

“Power to the Patient” Demonstrates How SCL Health Gives Patients Greater Control over Their Health through More Choices and Convenience for Managing Care


BROOMFIELD, COLO. — (January 22, 2018) – SCL Health, a faith-based, regional provider of nonprofit healthcare services, today is launching an innovative marketing campaign that brings to life the organization’s commitment to putting more power in the hands of the patient. Developed based on consumer research and with an eye on departing from traditional healthcare marketing testimonials, SCL Health’s new “Power to the Patient” campaign will educate consumers about tools and services to help them take more control of their care.


“Power to the Patient” demonstrates how SCL Health’s compassionate care teams empower patients to have more control over their healthcare and how they bring care to patients on their terms, including opportunities to manage their health from home or work. The campaign not only tells but actually shows the tools and services SCL Health has in place to give more power to patients. Some of these tools include: 

  • Video Visits: Patients can see a physician via Doctor On Demand video visit within minutes from their mobile device or computer. These virtual office visits allow for assessments, diagnoses and even prescriptions, when necessary.
  • Advanced Online Scheduling: Patients can schedule and manage their doctor appointments online, including easily adding themselves to wait-lists and receiving auto notifications for appointments if a cancellation happens.
  • Health Classes: Patients can sign up for classes to help them keep fit or learn new skills.
  • Lyft: SCL Health works with ridesharing company Lyft to make non-emergency transportation options available to patients to promote greater access to care (where available). 

“SCL Health has always been focused on matching our level of care to what our communities need and want,” said Christine Woolsey, SCL Health’s Chief Communications and Marketing Officer. “’Power to the Patient’ demonstrates how we are delivering on this commitment. This novel campaign helps consumers better understand SCL Health’s patient-centered approach, and specifically shows them how they can achieve more control over their health care and their life with tools that improve access and convenience – the same things they have come to expect from other businesses.”


The “Power to the Patient” campaign was informed by months of research demonstrating a desire on the part of both SCL Health patients and associates for more personalized healthcare to match patients’ unique needs. Specifically, the campaign addresses three themes that emerged from the research: care for the whole person, empowerment and empathy. 

Focusing on these patient-centric themes is one way “Power to the Patient” breaks from conventional healthcare marketing. It also moves away from sharing patient stories, which is increasingly common in traditional healthcare marketing campaigns, to instead show proof points that go beyond talk and demonstrate action.  

“Power to the Patient” is also different in the deliberate choice to use the word “patient.” This decision helps transform the connotation of a “patient” from frail or vulnerable to powerful and empowered by showing the patient as confident and in control, and able to access care outside of a traditional healthcare facility.


The campaign runs through December 31 on Colorado Front Range TV, radio and digital, including search, social, Hulu and Pandora. SCL Health will bring the “Power to the Patient” campaign to its other markets in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Montana later in 2018.


Consumers can learn more about SCL Health's tools and services to help them take more control of their care at


About SCL Health 
SCL Health is a faith-based, nonprofit healthcare organization dedicated to improving the health of the people and communities we serve, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. Founded by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 1864, our $2.5 billion health network provides comprehensive, coordinated care through 11 hospitals, more than 100 physician clinics, and home health, hospice, mental health and safety-net services primarily in Colorado and Montana. We relentlessly focus on delivering safe, high-quality, effective care to every patient, every time, everywhere. In 2016, SCL Health invested $257 million in community benefit—10 cents of every dollar we earn—to support health improvement in our communities. To learn more about SCL Health, visit

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