LMC Letter from the President

Wicklund Grant 14For more than 100 years, Lutheran has been deeply involved in the West Denver and Jefferson County community. We aim to be more than just your health care partner—we’re here to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. A hospital-based emergency room (ER) has the highest level of resources available to treat serious medical problems, including surgery or admission to the hospital.

As health care continues to evolve, Lutheran is working daily on innovations that will improve the ways we deliver care in the community. We’re proud to partner with several other community organizations, too. Along with the Seniors’ Resource Center, for example, we have built a unique program that makes it easier and safer for our older patients to transition from the hospital back to their own homes.

Promoting health and wellness is a guiding factor in many of our partnerships in the community. Some of the best ideas on how to do this come from our own staff, some of whom are working on a project to build a community garden as early as next year.

We also recently opened an outpatient pharmacy in part to help make sure our patients are able to get the medications they need before they leave the hospital.

If you have to be in the hospital, rest assured we strive to ensure your care is the best we can make it. Lutheran is recognized nationally and locally for high-quality, safe patient care.

We’ve been highlighted by the FierceMarkets publication for a new tool we are using that has helped us lower the spread of infection in our hospital. Biovigil is a hand-hygiene monitor that acts as a reminder for our staff and physicians to enter and exit every patient room with clean hands. It has even helped lower our staff sick time!

Watch for other improvements coming to Lutheran soon.

Grant Wicklund,
President and CEO,
Lutheran Medical Center

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