Saint Joseph Hospital Becomes Denver's Newest Level IV Trauma Ceneter

November 20, 2016

Saint Joseph Hospital is happy to announce that it is now designated as a Level IV Trauma Center by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The designation allows the Saint Joe’s to provide a higher level of emergency care to trauma patients throughout the Denver Metro Area.

Some of the new protocols and programs that are part of this designation include:

  • Saint Joe’s has emergency department facilities that implement ATLS protocols, 24-hour laboratory coverage, and has trauma nurses and physicians when a patient arrives at the hospital.
  • Saint Joe’s can provide surgery and critical-care to trauma patients. 
  • Saint Joe’s has developed relationships with  Level I and Level II Trauma Centers when patients need more comprehensive care.
  • Saint Joe’s has developed a comprehensive quality assessment program to achieve better clinical outcomes.
  • Saint Joe’s is involved in outreach programs about trauma prevention throughout Denver.

The Level IV Trauma Center designation is in no small part thanks to the dedication and hard work of the emergency care providers and staff at Saint Joe’s. Due to their tireless efforts to provide the best possible patient care, the hospital continues to expand in its ability to serve the medical needs of the Denver and Colorado as a whole.

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