SCL Health Hospitals Implement Illuminating Vein Finding Technology Improve Patient Comfort

From a newborn in the nursery to a 90-year-old in the surgery department, IV starts and blood draws are performed on a wide range of patients every day at Holy Rosary Healthcare. But even the most experienced healthcare professional can have difficulty accessing veins safely and quickly the first time.

With patient comfort and care as top priorities at Holy Rosary Healthcare and St. Vincent Healthcare, both SCL Health hospitals, are excited to bring vein illumination technology to Miles City and Billings. AccuVein, a small handheld device about the size of a T.V. remote, will help reduce the number of needle sticks to patients for blood draws and intravenous treatments.

“We’re always striving to create the best possible experience for our patients and this technology will decrease their discomfort with IV starts and lab draws, particularly if they historically have difficult access,” said Holy Rosary Healthcare Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer Carol Enderle, DNP, APRN-BC. “Plus, our nurses will greatly benefit from this technology. The visual guidance will not only improve their IV skills, which are an essential part of the bedside nurse’s role, but also their competence and confidence overall. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

AccuVein uses infrared light, projected onto a patient’s arm, to reveal a map of peripheral veins on the skin’s surface. The AccuVein device has been shown to improve first stick success by 350-percent, reduce pain by up to 59-percent and reduce procedure time by 78-percent.

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