6 Questions About Having Baby Number 2

If you have had a baby, you most likely have the maternity clothes, birth stories and even the stretch marks to prove it. As an experienced mother, you understand pregnancy and delivery. But are you prepared for infant number two? Below are common questions about pregnancy the second time around.


1. Should I wait?

It is important to space your children far enough to help avoid health concerns for you or baby. Rule of thumb? Give your body 12 months to recover before getting pregnant again. Any sooner may increase the risk for preterm birth.

2. Will I look different?

Do not be surprised if you need to break out your maternity clothes a little earlier during your second pregnancy. Typically, women who have already had one child sport their baby bump sooner than they did the first time.

3. When will I feel the baby?

Feeling your baby move inside you is one of the greatest joys of pregnancy. And as a second-time mom, you’ll likely be rewarded with tiny kicks even sooner. It’s common to feel baby around 18-25 weeks, although veteran moms may feel baby as early as 13 weeks.

4. Will pregnancy be easier?

It’s impossible to predict how your second pregnancy will feel. However, because you have another child to take care of, you may feel more fatigued or have challenges focusing on yourself. To feel your best through pregnancy, find time to exercise, eat healthy foods and get the rest you need.

5. Will I have the same medical problems?

If you had medical issues during your last pregnancy such as gestational diabetes, you may be at higher risk of experiencing them again. But remember, knowledge is power. Before trying for baby number two, talk with your doctor. Discuss ways you can help lower your risk, such as making sure your blood sugar is normal before becoming pregnant.

6. Will labor and delivery be quicker?

Have you heard stories from the mom who barely made it to the hospital before delivering number two? Although babies usually don’t come quite that quickly, you can expect a speedier delivery the second time around. Both early labor pains as well as time spent pushing may be shorter after your first.

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