Facebook Reunites Boy with Beloved Stuffed Animal 200 Miles Away

Six-year-old Hunter Stevens was devastated to lose his beloved stuffed wolf, Woofee, and he cried as his grandmother’s search for the prized toy had gone cold. But thanks to a photo posted and widely shared on Facebook, the two were reunited after being more than 200 miles away.

Scroll through social media on virtually any day, and you’ll find a variety of posts being shared about something that has been lost or found. Oftentimes, the rightful owner is never found; fortunately, in the small town of Miles City, Montana a treasured lost object has finally been returned to the rightful owner after going through quite a journey.

Stevens had endured a more than 200 mile-long ride back from Miles City to his home in Plentywood when he made the startling realization that Woofee had been left behind. As panic set in Hunter cried, as he feared that Woofee would never come back home to him (and Woofee’s “brother,” Ruffie).

Woofee had disappeared while Hunter, along with his mother Tiffany and his grandmother Grace, had visited Holy Rosary Healthcare, where his brother Aksel had an appointment on January 12. Woofee had also accompanied Hunter along on other “adventures” to various Miles City businesses.

“It was hard seeing my grandson so heartbroken over his lost friend, and I tried to tell him to keep his faith up, that Woofee would get to come home,” said Grace McClymont. “After making phone calls to different businesses in Miles City, even I was worried he might not make it back.”

During the next few days, Hunter prayed his buddy would find his way home, but his hope was starting to fade.

woofee4That’s about the time Holy Rosary Healthcare associate Lexie Koester came across him near the clinic entrance. She posted a photo of Woofee on Facebook: “Attention mommies and daddies, this little guy was found in the clinic entrance of Holy Rosary. He looks pretty well loved, so I’m sure his owner is sad without him.”

The image was shared forty-seven times. One of those people was Jannette Federspiel, who works at a local retail store. She commented on Facebook that their store had received a call on a missing stuffed animal that matched Woofee’s description the previous day. Contact information was shared, and soon Hunter’s family was notified.

When Hunter found out his friend had been found he cried tears of joy and gave his thanks to God for answering his prayers.

That’s not the end of the story, however. Before leaving Holy Rosary Healthcare, the medical team treated Woofee to a few tests to make sure he was in tip-top condition before starting on the trek back to Plentywood.

They checked his bones, blood, weight, height, and blood pressure—then had him jump aboard a therapy treadmill for a jog to make sure he stayed in shape. Woofee was then returned to an ecstatic Hunter.

Grace, Hunter’s grandmother, has been amazed at how outstanding the community wwoofee6as to come together to return an item that may be without a value to some, but is priceless to a certain little boy. She believes the incident instills in Hunter’s mind that God is real through his answered prayer.

“It had to be the work of God that we all worked together to return a stuffed animal to its rightful owner,” she shared. “I can’t think of enough words to say thank you to all of you, it means a ton! I am so very grateful for everyone that helped out. It’s a good story and I hope others will see how much it meant, and the general love we should have for others around us.”

Woofee arrived back in Plentywood on January 20th.

To see Woofee’s Holy Rosary adventure that was shared with Hunter, click here. 

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