Saint Joseph Hospital Promotes Skin-to-Skin Contact Following C-section

Saint Joseph Hospital is one of the first hospitals in Colorado to promote the practice of skin-to-skin contact immediately following birth by Caesarean section (C-section).
Typically babies born by C-section are given to their mothers anywhere from three to five minutes after birth so that they may cleaned off and examined. While this practice has been the standard of care, maternal-fetal researchers have found that skin-to-skin contact immediately following birth can help babies regulate their temperature and glucose levels while promoting mother-baby bonding and early breastfeeding.
As Colorado’s leading baby hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital is continually pioneering new and innovative approaches to childbirth that foster the best possible outcomes for mothers and their babies, which skin-to-skin C-sections are a prime example. In addition to skin-to-skin C-sections, the Saint Joseph Hospital team is also piloting the use of surgical drapes with windows in them so a mother can actually see their baby being born.

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