New Technology at Saint Joseph Hospital Allows for More Effective Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer patients at Denver's Saint Joseph Hospital are among the first in Colorado to benefit from a new technology that can detect the presence of microscopic cancer cells previously not visible to physicians in an operating room.

Designed to help surgeons detect and remove trace amounts of cancer cells along the margins of where a cancerous mass is removed, the new technology, MarginProbe®, will help improve the success rate for one of the most common treatments for breast cancer ─ lumpectomy.

Lumpectomies differ from full mastectomies as they aim preserve healthy breast tissue while removing only cancerous tumors. Prior to this technology, there was a risk that a breast cancer patient would have to undergo additional follow-up surgeries to remove trace amounts of cancer cells that remained after an initial surgery.

"This new technology gives surgeons more real-time clinical information while still in the operating room, which can lead to better outcomes for breast cancer patients," said Dr. Julie Barone, fellowship trained breast surgeon and Medical Director of System Breast Services at Saint Joseph Hospital, "For my patients, this technology has the potential to make lumpectomies more successful by better eliminating residual cancerous tissue from the breast."

Saint Joseph Hospital is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) in recognition of its high standards for breast cancer treatment. The addition of MarginProbe technology at Saint Joseph Hospital will further benefit breast cancer patients in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region.

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