Mount Saint Vincent is a leader in trauma-informed care, early childhood development, and crisis prevention. Through training courses and consultations, we share our expertise with organizations seeking to understand the development and impact of childhood trauma. For over 50 years, we have trained government agencies, schools, and nonprofits to better support children and families. We offer introductory courses and follow-up courses in trauma-informed care. We also provide in-depth consultations and training for therapeutic crisis intervention.

Trainings and Services


In this training, participants will learn how development occurs in a child and how trauma may impact that development, leading to challenging behaviors. An overview of strategies to help calm an escalated child will be provided during this four-hour course, taking place at your location.


In this follow-up training, participants will learn how to apply the concepts learned in the Foundations Training. Through classroom instruction, individual study, and group discussion, participants will drill down into core concepts and explore specific tactics. This four-hour training takes place at your preferred location.


For special concerns, consultation services can help children, and those working to support them, by providing guidance and assistance. Our trainers offer a menu of consultation services, tailored to meet the needs of a child, family, school or program. Through the consultation process, our trainers can develop customized training designed to meet the needs of a specific child and those supporting them.

Crises Intervention

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) is a crisis prevention and intervention system originally designed for residential child care organizations. Implementation of the TCI system includes more than staff training. Built on five general domains to effective implementation, our trainers will assist with the analysis necessary to effectively implement the TCI curriculum. Your staff will be given the necessary skills to improve how they work to prevent and/or de-escalate potential crisis situations, safely and therapeutically manage a crisis situation, and help children improve their coping strategies.

Customized Training

Once content is developed, it is reviewed by your organization and modified as necessary before the training is presented to your employees. Examples of specific areas of need may include how to develop crisis management plans to support children prone to violent outbursts, trauma informed decision-making for parents and guardians, or how to better manage students in a school setting with classroom management strategies.

Please email for more information about our trainings and services. We look forward to partnering with your organization!



Jessica Welch, Director of Academics SOAR

"Understanding the science behind the developmental impact of trauma on the developing brain has helped our teachers shift away from the traditional view of behavior, and towards a more holistic view of where behaviors are coming from, and how to prevent behaviors and respond to escalated students in a supportive way."

Collin Vinchattle, Superintendent Creede School District

"It's been one of our staff’s favorite trainings and a big part of that is Kyle. He does a great job with relating on the educator aspect and understanding what the teachers are going through. It’s highly interactive and you’re thinking the whole time. He’s not just spoon-feeding it to you; you really have to work, which makes the training more impactful."

Monica Buettel, PhD, Director, Converge Day Treatment Center

"The training provided both a clear foundation of understanding for the Trauma-Informed Educational Model, and very practical and clear resources and strategies for immediately implementing this training within our day treatment center. Every staff member expressed their enjoyment and appreciation for the training."

Sharlene Onyago, Program Director Denver CASA

"We have never had a training so well attended or received since I began working for the organization nearly two years ago. Your commitment to creating a culture where relationships are woven throughout the organizational fabric is obvious and we are grateful to have been able to learn from you."