Pediatric Patient Stories

Our patients are so much more than patients. They’re people, with families and friends, lives and loved ones. It’s what we mean by “People Healing People.” It’s what we do, every day.

Let the people we’ve helped inspire you with stories of strength, healing and hope. Across our healthcare system, we've helped thousands. These are just a few. Know that wherever you are located, we have the expertise to help you.

People Healing People

We invited a few of our patient families to tell their incredible and life-changing stories.

Hadley's story

First, Hadley came down with a terrible flu. Then, she stopped breathing. That’s when SCL Health's team of emergency care providers took action.

Bauer's story

Kori's Maternal-Fetal specialist found complications early in her pregnancy. A team was assembled, and now both Kori and her newest son, Bauer, are doing great.

Roni's story

When she was 33 weeks pregnant, Nicole suddenly needed an emergency c-section, and her newborn had to go to the NICU. Now they’re all healthy — and all smiles.  

“The nurses and the staff were so wonderful to us. It actually inspired me to go to school to become a nurse.”


Landon's story

Born at just 26 weeks, Landon struggled to breathe. According to Landon’s dad, the situation couldn’t have been more challenging. “Is he going to live or is he not? That was a very tough conversation.”


Amyah's story

After a tragic accident, Amyah, of Roundup, was left paralyzed from the waist down and has undergone more than 40 surgeries and procedures during the last two years. Amyah has been able to continue her recovery and rehabilitation in Billings, in coordination with Dr. Katie Russell, one of 10 pediatric surgeons that provide 24/7 access to pediatric surgical services at St. Vincent. As part of her rotation, Dr. Russell travels to Billings several weeks each year to see her patients, like Amyah, and provide emergency and scheduled pediatric surgical services.

Learn more about Amyah's story here.

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