Cancer Provider and Patient

How We Treat Leukemia and Lymphomas

Each person is unique, so we tailor your care to your personal needs. This means doctors, nurses and other staff work closely together to develop the treatment plan that best fits your needs. They discuss every patient’s treatment as a team to stay up-to-date on your care and progress.

Your recommended treatment will be based on best practices that have worked for other patients, specific aspects of your cancer/tumor, the results of all your tests, the stage of your cancer and your preferences. Every week, a team of specialists consults on cancer cases and collaborates on the best treatment for each patient. You benefit from the combined expertise of our specialists in radiology, surgery, pathology, pharmacology and oncology and therapists in fields like physical therapy and psychology.

Leukemia types and treatment

Leukemia is categorized as:

  • Acute or chronic, depending on how fast the cells grow
  • Lymphocytic or myeloid (myelogenous), depending on the type of white blood cell that has turned into leukemia 

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