St. Vincent Healthcare

Blood Conservation Program

At St. Vincent Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing the best medical care while respecting religious, cultural and personal values about receiving stored or donated blood. That's why our Patient Blood Management program is certified by the Joint Commission.

Our Blood Conservation Program uses methods to limit blood loss during surgery and other medical procedures to reduce the need for stored or donated blood products.

More About Our Blood Conservation Program

Cell salvage is an option

Cell salvage is a blood conservation option for patients during their procedures. During an operation, we collect the patient’s own blood lost during or after surgery. This blood is then processed in the operating room and returned to the same patient by reinfusion without it ever leaving the room.

Patient Blood Management

Donated blood is a precious resource. Our Patient Blood Management Program looks at appropriate use of blood products and strategies for each patient to reduce or avoid the need for a blood transfusion.

By protecting donated blood, we are more likely to have enough blood available when an individual or individuals need small or even massive transfusions.

More About Patient Blood Management

For more information about our Blood Conservation Program or Patient Blood Management Program please contact our Blood Management Coordinator, Melissa Siemsen at or 406-237-8032.

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