We are having a record year! We are thrilled to team up with Hot 101.9 and Q2 to celebrate the great care that our associates provide with an all-day media event! While the COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously impacted our daily lives, it is imperative that we be grateful for the healthcare heroes taking care of the sick and vulnerable….our nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and other medical professionals show up each day for us, now let’s show support for them!  

The St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation would like to honor our dedicated medical professionals by raising funds for the Nelles Nurse Scholarship and Education Programs. The program was created in 2002 by the Ralph Nelles Family to support our medical community, ensuring that we maintain the highest healthcare standards and retain outstanding nurses and medical professionals in Montana. The program provides scholarships to nursing students, allowing them to work at St. Vincent Healthcare upon graduation. The program also provides financial support to medical professionals looking to advance their technical skills and knowledge. 

Please join St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation in making 2020 A RECORD YEAR by supporting healthcare education as we invest in our most valuable assets, our medical professionals. Let’s recognize and rise to their level of dedication by showing support through a personal gift!

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Donate online, text SAINTS to 32037 or call us on Thursday, October 8th at 406-294-5910. 

Learn more about how your support helps medical professionals receive the education and training they need to support our community. 

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