St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation

Spiritual Care

St. Vincent Healthcare understands that healing is not only clinical but it is dependent on your spiritual and emotional well-being. Everyone seeks a personal way to express meaning and purpose in life, to make connections and to preserve what is sacred. Spiritual care nurtures the spirit and helps our patients connect with what gives them hope and courage to face the challenges ahead.

Our chaplains are a source of support, guidance, companionship and hope during your journey. Our spiritual care team delivers care in the hospital, clinics, cancer centers, outpatient centers, etc. to patients, family members, associates, volunteers and physicians. The chaplains are professionally trained to offer emotional support to you and your family, regardless of your faith tradition. Like our physicians and nurses, chaplains seek to learn who you are and about your situation so they can provide the best care possible. This might mean they ask about you, your story and what matters most to you. They may ask how spirituality is important to you and assist you in accessing spiritual resources that bring healing to your mind, body and spirit.

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