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PEAKSPEAKS is a non-profit volunteer organization founded in 1988 to raise funds to assist cancer patients in need.

Many people facing the challenge of cancer do not have the financial resources to pay for daily treatment-related costs such as transportation, food and other living expenses. PEAKS members organize a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. The funds raised by PEAKS go specifically to these people in need.

St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation manages PEAKS funds and administers the grants to cancer patients. Social workers from ALL local healthcare providers can submit a grant application from their patients that are in need of financial assistance.

How We Help

PEAKS was established to provide immediate, short term, non-medical assistance to cancer patients experiencing financial hardship.

PEAKS primarily provides gas and grocery assistance; however, in emergency situation, assistance may be provided for other non-medical expenses.

Social workers and ACS coordinators from local healthcare facilities can submit a grant application for their patients that are facing financial challenges and qualify for PEAKS assistance.

Since its establishment in the spring of 1988, PEAKS has raised nearly one million dollars for cancer patients in Montana and Wyoming.

How You Can Help

For more information contact the Foundation at 406-237-3600.

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