St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation

Patient Compassion

Many times, patients are brought to St. Vincent Healthcare unexpectedly and they are unprepared in many ways for what lies ahead of them. Additionally, due to the vast geographic area of our patient population, individuals and families are sometimes displaced from their own homes and communities for extended periods of time or they will need to travel significant distances to reach our doors.

The St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation Patient Compassion Fund provides meals, cab rides, motel accommodations, bus or air fare, gas cards, and sometimes even medical equipment for our patients and/or their caregivers. These types of services are not covered by an insurance plan, but directly impact the ability of our patients to receive the care they need. Our Care Management team works closely with our patients and their providers to identify any barriers that may prevent a positive outcome for the patient.

Having a loved one close by during a medical event and relieving a little bit of the financial impact for a patient or family makes a marked difference in the overall outcome of that patient’s healthcare journey.

For information on how to help the patients at St. Vincent Healthcare, please contact the Foundation today.

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