St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation

Meadowlark House

The Meadowlark House (two duplex units) located at 30th Street West in Billings, is a residence for out-of-town patients receiving cancer care in Billings. These homes have served more than 650 cancer patients, averaging about 45 patients each year. This refuge shelters patients at NO COST. The homes are spacious and provide every amenity imaginable. Patients describe the units as accommodating, clean and comfortable. While receiving cancer treatment, the Meadowlark House provides a safe haven for patients as they focus on getting well.

Fundraising efforts have blessed the Meadowlark House since 2004. The homes are maintained and continue to operate using the funds from the annual interest earned on the Meadowlark House Endowment. Giving to this endowment would make you eligible for the 40% Montana Tax Credit.

With your generosity, no patient in our region will ever have to turn down critical cancer treatment because they do not have the resources to stay in a safe, warm and comforting home in close proximity to their cancer treatment. The Meadowlark House will serve as home away from home while they rest and get healthy.

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