2019 Honored Saints

Forrest and Jacomien Mars

Forrest and Jacomien Mars have provided leadership and guidance by serving on boards and volunteering with multiple nonprofits in their community. They have focused their support for historical preservation and education through the Brinton Museum and Sheridan College. Forrest and Jacomien’s generosity has always been far reaching, to include building a skating rink in Sheridan, donating to the seniors center, the WYO Theatre, and the local dog and cat shelter, to name a few. Currently, Jacomien extends her support to Compass Center for Families and sits on the Board of Directors for Uprising, an anti-human trafficking agency.

Jacomien honors Forrest’s memory and successful business career in Mars Candy by continuing to support the causes that were dear to both of them. Forrest and Jacomien were integral donors in the recent launch of Billings’ first pediatric surgery program, and Jacomien continues to support pediatric efforts at St. Vincent Healthcare.

Just a few short months ago, Jacomien welcomed her first grandchild, and is increasingly aware of the importance in having quality pediatric healthcare accessible to rural states such as Montana and Wyoming.

Known for their generosity, humbleness, and participation in their community, Forrest and Jacomien have always been an integral part of their community. Jacomien continues their tradition of leadership and involvement, and we are honored to welcome Jacomien and Forrest Mars into our family of Honored Saints.

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