St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation

2017 Honored Saint

250x262JohnCherylMoseleySVHF2017HonoredSaintTheir story starts with LOVE, continues with their LIFE’S WORK and finishes with their LEGACY.

Dr. John and Cheryl Moseley met at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica, CA in 1979. After beginning a neurosurgical practice at St. Johns, Dr. Moseley noticed a special nurse who assisted him in the OR. He recalls fondly, “She would hand me the tools I needed before I even asked her. She was the best assistant I had ever worked with!” He even scheduled surgeries when Cheryl was working so he could spend time with her. When Cheryl wasn’t in the OR, she was traveling abroad serving the poor and vulnerable with Mother Teresa. Cheryl and John worked side by side for 14 years before they married in 1993, and their LOVE is evident. Cheryl says, “John has always been my favorite surgeon! He’s brilliant, and has a generous, kind soul.” It brings tears to John’s eyes when he talks about Cheryl’s work in the OR and with Mother Teresa. They share an understanding, admiration and LOVE for one another.

In 1993, Dr. Moseley and Cheryl’s LIFE’S WORK brought them to St. Vincent Healthcare, which, like St. Johns, was owned by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. The Moseleys have always felt a closeness to the Sisters and their ministry. Dr. Moseley tells stories of the Sisters paying to fly patients in from rural areas in Montana and Wyoming who lacked financial resources, and Dr. Moseley administered procedures at no cost. From early on, they both knew their LIFE’s WORK would center on neuroscience and serving others.

Dr. Moseley and Cheryl are this evening’s Honored SAINTS due to their incredible accomplishments and the LEGACY they are leaving behind. It was 24 years ago today that the Moseleys began serving our region. Tonight, we celebrate them as they show their LOVE for the Sisters of Charity and for one another by providing the lead gift of $150,000 for our challenge auction. As they leave a LEGACY for their LIFE’s WORK of serving others, we are blessed to welcome John and Cheryl Moseley into our family of Honored SAINTS.

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