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Our Rheumatology Team

Rheumatologists help treat conditions across a variety of medical specialties. Some conditions that affect the heart, reproductive organs, bones and tendons cause painful inflammation and swelling. Our rheumatology team collaborates with other specialists to manage your symptoms and help you regain quality of life.

What is a rheumatologist?

A rheumatologist is a doctor who is board certified to provide specialty diagnosis and treatment of rheumatologic diseases which include painful swelling, inflammation and stiffness in the muscles, joints and tendons. They are also trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat some autoimmune conditions including connective tissue diseases (lupus, myositis, scleroderma, mixed connective tissue disease) and vasculitic diseases (granulomatous polyangiitis, microscopic polyangiitis, giant cell arteritis, polyarteritis nodosa, Behcet's disease) and inflammatory types of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthritis as well as crystal-related diseases such as gout or pseudogout.

Learn about conditions rheumatologists treat.

Who is part of the rheumatology team?

Our comprehensive team includes our front office, medical assistants, pharmacy and nursing staff whose focus is to help you regain your health and activity. Our goal includes excellent communication and service from start to finish. We work closely with doctors, nurses and therapists from many medical specialties, including:

By working together, we put your health and safety first. Your medication needs and treatment plans will be carefully planned to avoid interactions, complications or additional physical and emotional stress.

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