Medication Synchronization

If you are on multiple medications it can be hard to manage the refills of your prescriptions. The medication synchronization program can combine all those trips to the pharmacy into one.

What is Medication Synchronization?

With medication synchronization, all of your medications are aligned for pick up or delivery once a month. This ensures you won't run out of medication when you need it.

  • One of our trained pharmacy staff will work with you to review your medications and coordinate their renewal for once a month.
  • Save multiple trips to the pharmacy to pick up your monthly medications.
  • Medications can be picked up or you have them delivered to your home/office at no additional cost to you.

Get started with Medication Synchronization

  1. Talk to your pharmacy staff about enrolling in Med Sync or complete the enrollment form.
  2. Once enrolled, your pharmacist will work with you to discuss your medications and develop a plan to combine your medication pickup.
  3. Pick your medication up at the pharmacy or have it delivered to your home on day convenient for your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

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