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Care and Support

Your care team

Our cancer care teams know that great care is the result of seamless communication between you, your family and your existing healthcare providers. When you have this kind of collaboration, you can expect a more efficient, effective and tailored approach to meeting your individual needs.

Head and neck cancer nurse navigators

One of your key team members is your nurse navigator, who serves as a patient educator and care guide focused on improving your cancer treatment experience. Your nurse navigator will assist you at every stage, help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options and coordinate care between your physician, surgeon and other support teams.

Learn more about your cancer care team.

Life beyond cancer

With earlier detection, more patients are surviving cancer than ever before. Our survivorship program gives you access to specialists who partner with you for your post-treatment. This program focuses on nutritional goals, healthy living and emotional well-being. We’ll also help you set up regular medical checkups with your primary doctor to prevent, detect and manage any complications related to your cancer or cancer treatment. Because you may be at higher risk for second cancers, screening and surveillance are essential to your long-term health. 

Lymphedema treatment

Lymphedema occurs when lymphatic fluid accumulates in tissue and causes painful swelling, most often in the arms or legs. Lymphedema can occur in head and neck cancer patients who’ve had lymph nodes removed.

Our trained specialists can provide relief from pain and swelling and help you prevent and manage lymphedema.

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Our rehabilitation specialists can help you regain function after treatment and surgery. Speech therapy, swallowing therapy and physical rehabilitation are often offered as part of your treatment plan for head and neck cancer patients.

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