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Monarch butterfly in a logo that says 'Monarch Award'The MONARCH Award acknowledges associates for exceptional patient care activities. Examples of such include offering compassion and hope in difficult situations; the ability to heal others through their dedication, presence, and skills; helping others restore optimism and faith. That is the essence of an individual who deserves the MONARCH Award. The butterfly symbolizes how these associates transform the lives of those they serve.

Who can be nominated for a MONARCH Award?

Any associate (excludes those eligible for the DAISY Award) can be nominated.

Who can nominate an associate for a MONARCH Award?

Any associate, patient or family member may nominate a St. Mary's Medical Center associate.

MONARCH Award Examples

  • An associate who is always available to provide compassion and support when others are having a bad day
  • An associate who goes out of his or her way to care for or assist in the healing process for someone in need
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