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At SCL Health Medical Group, we’re here for all women. Women becoming mothers, women focusing on wellness and women aging gracefully. Every woman, no matter their stage in life, can find the expert care they need from one of our experienced care providers.

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Our unparalleled team includes OB-Gyns, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, family medicine specialists, certified nurse-midwives and more.


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What type of services can I expect from your OB-Gyns?

The moment you find out you’re pregnant, it’s important to understand that prenatal care can ensure the health of you and your baby over the next 9 months. You have options for the type of care you want during this time. Choose our OB-Gyns or one of our certified nurse-midwives who cares for you throughout your pregnancy, during the birth of your baby and beyond. Knowing that motherhood is just one aspect of women’s health, we’re here for our patients during all stages including family planning, women’s wellness and personalize care during menopause.


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Why should I download the St. Mary’s L+D app?

If you’re pregnant, you’re bound to have a million questions and concerns. Our app gives you the guidance you’ll need during pregnancy, delivery and life at home with your little one. Videos, articles and tools teach you how to take care of yourself, your growing baby and adjusting to parenthood. Plus, you can track prenatal and pediatrician appointments, time labor contractions, feedings and more.

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Do you have a NICU if my baby needs it?

Yes, we do. Our specially-trained clinicians and providers are at the ready to care for your newborn if your baby needs extra medical attention. We treat minor conditions like jaundice and feeding complications to more complex issues like breathing problems, premature births and growth concerns. Parents are able to take an active part in the their baby’s care during his or her NICU stay.


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