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SCL Health Partnerships

SCL Health and our hospitals and clinics proudly partner with a number of organizations that share our commitment to excellence and our passion for serving people and communities.

Why partner with other organizations?

In today’s fast-changing and dynamic healthcare environment, successful healthcare systems like ours must focus on providing the right care at the right time in the right place and in the right way. One way we achieve this is by partnering with other businesses that bring unique expertise to caring for patients.

What is a partnership?

In non-legal terms, a partnership is a business agreement in which SCL Health and another organization come together to serve our patients in some way. Such agreements can come in many forms, depending on the details. Common examples include joint ventures, joint operating agreements, affiliations and definitive agreements. These agreements govern important decisions about which name or brand to use, how costs and earnings are shared, and which entity employees work for, among many other items.

SCL Health has partnered with many other organizations to meet the needs of our patients and associates. These represent a few examples.

National Jewish Health

SCL Health partnered with National Jewish Health, starting in 2014, to collaborate on clinical operations at our Denver-based hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital. National Jewish Health, the leading respiratory hospital in the nation, and Saint Joseph Hospital have the largest adult cystic fibrosis program in the country. We have also created the Respiratory Institute which brings together elements of research, clinical care and the most advanced treatments available.

Learn more about National Jewish Health.

Touchstone Imaging

Recognizing the value of providing convenient, affordable outpatient imaging services, SCL Health has partnered with Touchstone Imaging. Together, under the Touchstone name, we have nine imaging centers throughout the Denver area to make it convenient for our patients to get X-rays and other imaging services.

Learn more about our imaging locations in Colorado.

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