St. Mary's Medical Center Foundation

Annual Report

As we look back at a year that has been like no other, we first want to say thank you. Thank you for your support of St. Mary’s Medical Center and our community. You, and all of our supporters, helped us achieve our mission of improving the health of the people and communities we serve, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

And 2020 was a year which made us all vulnerable. Together, we experienced dramatic impacts on our daily lives and were touched in so many ways by the sadness, anxiety, and isolation that spread along with this virus.

At St. Mary’s, our caregivers ran head-on into the fray, caring for our community every hour of every day, prioritizing the health of their patients ahead of personal security. As our healthcare providers worked tirelessly to care for every person who might need them, so too did our community come forth to care for them.

Throughout the pandemic, the St. Mary’s Foundation was flooded with offers of aid. Local construction companies and hardware stores donated hundreds of pieces of Personal Protective Equipment; community organizations, church groups, and businesses donated thousands of meals and snacks for our healthcare workers; visitors gathered in parking lots to express their gratitude…We experienced innumerable stories of compassion, support and unity. Our community and associates pulled together to discover solutions, cared for one another and spread warmth and love, despite the invisible six foot barrier between us.

From treating COVID-19 patients, to caring for heart and stroke patients, to sharing in the joy of a newborn infant, St. Mary’s Medical Center has never wavered from its mission. None of this could have been possible without your generosity and support.

You were there for us, and we will always be here for you.

Annual Reports

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