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When help is too far away, you bring it within reach—forever changing the lives of patients like Skip.

An avid outdoorsmen, Skip knew the Colorado wilderness well. But his adventures left him hours from help when an accident mangled his forearm, nearly severing his hand. In his condition, the nearly 3-hour ambulance ride to St. Mary’s could be too much. But St. Mary’s Careflight turned that risky event into a short, 10-minute trip by air and landed him into the waiting hands of an expert team.

Because of the extent of his injury, amputation seemed inevitable. But his doctors held on to hope and went up against the odds. Demonstrating extraordinary innovation, they were able to successfully reconstruct his arm—and save his hand. To Skip, it was nothing short of a miracle.

Can you imagine how different Skip’s life would be today if Careflight had not been around? If St. Mary’s didn’t have the specialized care needed to save his limb?

As a not-for- profit hospital, our care hinges on the ongoing support of friends like you. Your faithful generosity continually enhances our ability to serve and creates opportunity for real life miracles for people like Skip.

Will you help us continue delivering life-changing care by making a tax-deductible gift of $50, $100, $1,000-- or any amount—to the St. Mary’s Fund today?

You can make your gift online, mail in a check, or call our Foundation office and we can help you over the phone.

We don’t just do the easy stuff – we do the challenging work. Your investment towards the St. Mary’s Fund supports essential services and funds local partnerships in four critical areas:

Without Careflight, time and miles separate thousands from timely care that could change their lives. And without you, Careflight—and many of St. Mary’s other lifesaving programs—cannot continue to exist!

Please contact us today and let us know how you would like to help St. Mary’s continue serving our patients and community.

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