St. Mary's Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

Program Director's Message

SabrinaMitchellHello! I’m excited to have the opportunity to share a bit about the St. Mary’s Family Medicine Residency and why I love working here!

The residency program was founded in 1979 with a primary goal of preparing family physicians for rural practice. There has been a great deal of change in Grand Junction in the last 40 years; most of which makes this an even better place to live and practice medicine!

We still offer the broad spectrum of training that allows residents to work in rural settings, including critical access hospitals, but also fully prepares residents who have a variety of different practice goals from fellowships to ambulist and hospitalist to emergency room physicians. Being the only residency in St. Mary’s Hospital, which functions as the regional medical center for the surrounding 250,000 miles, means the residents get to be involved in all aspects of patient care throughout the hospital.

In our clinic we provide comprehensive, integrated, wrap-around care for our primarily under-served patients. Integrated behavioral health is definitely a strength of this program and not only serves the patients but teaches residents skills to utilize in their own visits.

The medicine you will learn here is top notch but really my favorite thing about being part of this program is our approach, which I have termed “casual excellence”. We are a fun loving group that doesn’t hold too tightly to hierarchy but provide, teach and expect excellence in clinical medicine!

If this sounds like your kind of learning please check out the rest of the website for additional details.

-Sabrina Mitchell, DO

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