Help is available. Our goal is to help mothers and their children throughout the recovery process.

Whether you are pregnant or caring for multiple children, we recognize that seeking treatment as a mother can be difficult for many reasons, time being only one of those reasons. While our clinic does not provide prenatal care, our team coordinates with your obstetric provider and/or primary care provider to ensure that we address the unique challenges mothers in recovery face.  We also provide advice when necessary to your provider(s) to help manage issues like:

  • Recommendations for Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Labor pain management
  • C-section planning
  • Potential for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)
  • Breastfeeding recommendations

If you are pregnant, and do not yet have a prenatal care provider, we can assist you in finding one, including group based prenatal care (CenteringPregnancy®).


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