Surgical Services

At one time having surgery meant having to stay in the hospital a few days. Today, advancements in minimally invasive procedures, pain control and anesthesia often make it possible to go home the same day.

Technology has transformed what it means to have surgery, in many cases eliminating the need for large incisions and long healing times. Some surgeries are considered inpatient, meaning you need to be admitted to the hospital for recovery and monitoring. Others are considered outpatient, or ambulatory, allowing you to go home the day of your procedure. Your doctor will determine the best approach for you, based on your diagnosis and health needs.

Regardless of the type of surgery you need, we believe in being a partner in your healthcare and healthcare decisions, dedicated to putting your needs and the needs of your family first. We provide safe and effective surgical services using the most advanced technology and proven techniques to deliver the best outcomes available. We work collaboratively with you, with one another and with other medical providers to share knowledge and determine the right surgical solution for you.

Our providers treat patients who are in need of:

  • Thoracic surgery to repair damage to the heart, lungs, esophagus and other organs in the chest
  • Vascular surgery to address problems with the arteries and veins, including varicose veins

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