Understanding Your Health

Women have unique health needs throughout all the stages of their lives. Even issues that affect both men and women – like heart conditions – may behave differently in women. Staying informed about your health is an important step to living a long and active life.

Your unique needs

From prenatal care to Pap smears and mammograms, it can be confusing to remember when you need check-ups, screenings and scans. An important first step is to schedule an annual preventive visit with your primary care physician. This comprehensive visit will include a detailed physical exam as well as recommendations about important screenings for women’s health.  

Classes, events and support

We believe treating patients means taking care of the whole person. In addition to treating your specific care condition, we also want to make sure you have the support services and educational opportunities you need to cope.

Not all locations have all classes, events or support group offerings. For a full list of classes and events, including dates and any costs, please use our Classes Calendar to search for a neurology class or support group at a hospital near you.

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