What to Expect – Urology

We offer a range of surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for urology patients. But we need information from you to provide a safe and effective treatment plan.

Your care team will provide forms for you to fill out. We’ve included them here for easy reference:

  • Personal Medication History Form
  • Pre-Surgery Adult Health Status Summary Form
  • Pre-Surgery Pediatric Health Status Summary Form

You may need to schedule visits with your doctor to:

  • Check if your treatment is effective
  • Decide if a new treatment is needed
  • See how you’re recovering after surgery

Schedule an appointment with your doctor online.

If your treatment plan involves prescription medications, please take them according to your doctor’s instructions. Also, make sure the doctor knows about any other medications you’re currently taking to avoid potentially harmful drug interactions.

Referrals to other specialists

We may need to send you to another specialist within the SCL Health system if you need additional care. Some of the specialists we work closely with include:

  • Nephrologists to treat kidney disorders
  • Oncologists to treat diseases such as prostate cancer and bladder and kidney cancer
  • Women’s health specialists in cases of urogynecology care

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