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Rehabilitation at St. James Healthcare

Our therapists have more than 100 years of combined experience so we know how to treat whatever is slowing you down. We treat you as a whole person and go to great lengths to make sure you have a successful transition to a more enjoyable life.

Our whole rehabilitation team is here for you

Our therapists treat a wide range of conditions, but each therapist also has a specialized area of expertise. Whatever your need, you’ll find the therapist who’s right for you. Our rehabilitation services include:

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Leave aches and pains behind and move with comfort, whether you’re an athlete or just looking for a pain-free life. We also have sports medicine experts who work with athletes, coaches and parents to provide individual and team consultations.

Physical therapy

If you need help in assessing and treating your injury, like a back and neck problem, sports-related injuries, arthritis problems, stroke-related problems, head injury, or a problem related to prolonged illness, we can help.

Depending on your need, you will relearn how to use your body properly, gain strength and mobility, work on home fitness and prevent a recurring injury. Physical therapy can help you learn proper posture and body motion in the workplace so you can take a proactive approach to avoiding injuries. Every part of your body is key to your health and well-being. We’re here to help, whether you need services for infants, children, a parent or yourself.

Occupational therapy

If you have experienced a stroke, we help you restore your comfort, regain abilities and learn how to prevent future strokes. You can get treatment for Parkinson’s disease, cognitive therapy for brain injuries and therapy for injuries to your elbow, wrist or hand.
Regardless of age, it’s possible to regain functional independence in performing daily activities such as eating, dressing and motor skill functions with support from the experienced therapists at St. James Healthcare.

Cardiac rehabilitation

If you’ve had a heart attack, heart surgery or been diagnosed with another heart condition, our cardiac rehabilitation program is available for you.

To begin the rehab process, you need a doctor’s referral. You’ll then undergo an individualized assessment so a unique program of exercise, education and support can be developed around your needs. The goals of the program are different for each person, based on your general health, your specific heart problem and your risks for future heart issues. We combine this input with your doctor's recommendation and your preferences to develop a “one-of-a-kind” treatment plan.

Certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation at St. James is a holistic program focused on restoring and maintaining your wellness and health after a cardiac incident.

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