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Our Ear, Nose and Throat Team

Your well-being is our main focus. Expect a personal level of care while we treat your ear, nose and throat conditions.

Ear, nose and throat specialists

Ear, nose and throat physicians, also called ENTs or otolaryngologists, specialize in treating people of all ages with common and complex conditions ranging from acute ear diseases to head and neck cancers. We make sure you're comfortable, well-informed and supported from the moment you enter our care.

You may also see other specialists such as clinical audiologists, who specialize in hearing issues, and speech language pathologists, who help evaluate and treat certain throat, swallowing and voice conditions.

Raymond Kaufman, MD

Specialties: Otolaryngology
Primary Location:
Montana Facial Plastic PC
801 Dewey Blvd
Butte, MT 59701
Phone: 406-494-0188
Fax: 406-494-0111

Neal Rogers, MD

Specialties: Otolaryngology
Primary Location:
Divide Creek PC
202 S Montana St
Butte, MT 59701
Phone: 406-723-6526
Fax: 406-782-9712

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