If you’re concerned with the big-picture issues of healthcare and hoping for change, we’re with you. SCL Health is committed to healthcare advocacy to improve the health of our communities and those we serve, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. We aim to make a difference for good, both at the patient’s bedside and at the national level.

Areas of advocacy

Our advocacy activities fall into three primary, yet related, areas:

  • Individual/Community Advocacy - Focused on meeting immediate human needs through provision of direct services and community partnerships
  • Organizational/System Advocacy - Focused on provider integrity, internal justice and social and environmental responsibility
  • Societal/Governmental Advocacy - Focused on achieving systemic change through legislation, regulation and political activism
  • including voluntary, religious, and not-for-profit organizations, and it should respect the religious and ethical values of patients and healthcare providers alike.

Health policy platform

Our Health Policy Platform of accessible and affordable healthcare for everyone is based on the premise that access to healthcare for all must be vigorously and thoughtfully pursued. Our platform is aligned with the American Hospital Association and the Catholic Health Association. We support the Affordable Care Act provisions for appropriate financial assistance for the poor through premium subsidies and the expansion of government programs. This is particularly important to SCL Health as part of our mission is to improve the health of the people and communities we serve, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

We recognize the costs of healthcare are accelerating – affecting jobs and our economy – and we are holding ourselves accountable for the quality and affordability of the care we deliver.

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