Services & Treatments

You’re used to going strong. When disorders of the pelvic organs slow you down, our specialists can get you back to your active life.

Diagnostic testing

We provide a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of your condition by using state-of-the-art technology and our expertise for the complete evaluation of the bladder, lower urinary tract and pelvic floor.

Where the evaluation begins

All evaluations at Mountain States Urogynecology begin with a consultation with one of our expert practitioners. This involves a review of your medical history, a one-on-one interview and a specialized exam.

Completion of the Medical History Questionnaire and a Bladder Diary prior to your appointment are crucial to this comprehensive evaluation.

After the initial evaluation, other testing may be necessary to complete the diagnosis and to determine the most appropriate treatment. The most common additional tests are:

Other tests that are sometimes needed to complete the evaluation of pelvic floor problems include:

Services and treatments

We create treatment plans with the goal of returning patients to their lives as quickly as possible. 

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