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Infant Feeding Therapy

Saint Joseph Hospital Outpatient Therapy Services is pleased to announce we are now offering Infant Feeding Services provided by Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists. Infants being discharged from the Mom/Baby unit or NICU who may need an evaluation and/or follow up visit due to the following reasons are the perfect candidates:

Feeding Difficulties: Infants who demonstrate the following impairments may be at risk for feeding problems:

• Poor weight gain

• Difficulty arousing for feeding

• Frequently waking for feeding

• Fussing with feeding

• Struggling with breastfeeding

• Drooling, coughing, choking with feeding

• Vomiting/excessive spit up

• Arching, turning away

Infants who would benefit from the OT/ST follow up visits:

• Feeding difficulties while in the hospital

• Post NICU check in, especially those infants who are on a feeding adaptation prior to NICU discharge (specialty feeding valve, thickener)

• Cleft lip/palate

• Supplementing with bottle

• NAS infants

• High Risk environmental settings

• Late preterm infants

To refer a patient, please fax referral to (303) 318-1336. 

For more information, please call (303) 812-5756 or (303) 318-1330.

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