Saint Joseph Hospital

COVID-19 Doula Update

Saint Joseph Hospital and Birth Center of Denver value doulas and the support they provide to our patients and families. Effective today, all doulas who have completed a doula training program will no longer be required to provide documentation of certification.

Doulas may be with you through the birth and no longer than an hour after birth, and must wear a mask at all times. For Birth Center of Denver clients, in the event that you transfer to Saint Joseph Hospital, this process will be the same and your doula will be allowed to stay with you. We will also give your doula an identification band to wear, identifying them as your doula.

We know that this is a long awaited update and we are optimistic that this progress further supports women who are choosing to give birth with Saint Joe’s and Birth Center of Denver.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Updated 10/9/2020

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