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Birth, Baby and Parenting


Birth Center Tour
Experience the comfortable surroundings where your baby will spend their first hours.


Boot Camp for New Dads
A must for new dads. Learn what to expect from the experts; Dads with young babies.


Prepared Childbirth
Wondering how well you will manage labor? Confidence begins here!


Childbirth Express 
No time? This condensed prepared childbirth class fits nicely into your busy schedule.

 475x285MomUsingComputer Online Prepared Childbirth
No time for a traditional Prepared Childbirth class? Try our online option.
 475x285LaborSkills Practicing Labor Skills
Everyone knows that labor is hard work, learn and practice the skills that help you cope.
 475x285BreastfeedingMomThumbnailSharedCalendar Breastfeeding Successfully
This class is designed for expectant parents who plan to breastfeed their baby.
 475x285BreastfeedingBabyViewedFromAbove Sibling Safari
Is your child going to be a big brother or sister? Join other children for this session to build their confidence.
 475x285MomWithBunRockingBabyInChair Babies, Baths and Bundles 
Never changed a diaper? Given a baby a bath? This class will help you prepare for those first weeks at home.
 475x285CPRClass Totsaver Infant and Child CPR
This class is recommended for anyone living with or caring for infants and young children.
 475x285 MomInBedWithBaby Happiest Baby on the Block
Learn how to calm even the fussiest baby.
 475x285BabyHeldInArms Returning to Work and Breastfeeding
If you will be returning to work after the birth of your baby and breastfeeding this class is for you.

Breastfeeding Multiples Successfully
We can help make your multiples breastfeeding experience more successful.

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