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New Graduate Nurse Residency Program

New Grad Residency Overview:

Saint Joseph Hospital (SJH) Registered Nurse Transition to Practice Residency Program (New Graduate Nurse Residency Program) is based on the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP).  The Registered Nurse Transition to Practice Residency Program is a standardized professional development course.  The program is designed to assist new graduate nurses with their adaptation from students into competent independent nurses.

The SJH Registered Nurse Transition to Practice Residency Program is a paid, 12 month, transition to practice program consisting of:  

  • One week of general orientation introducing you to the SCL Health System, Saint Joseph Hospital, clinical standards, and hands on practice with EPIC, the electronic medical record 

  • Precepted clinical orientation on unit of hire, approximately 12-16 weeks

  • 7 consecutive weeks of didactic classes and hands-on training and skill building using gaming and high fidelity simulation 

  • Evidence based practice project focusing on a topic pertinent to the nurses’ clinical unit

  • On-going Mentor support (see Mentor section under Nursing Professional Practice)

  • In-person, follow up classes at 6, 9 and 12 months

  • On-going blog support throughout program


There are three cohorts of the SJH Registered Nurse Transition to Practice Residency program every year: Spring, Summer and Fall. The application period opens approximately four months prior to the start of the cohort. You can learn more about the upcoming cohorts here.


New Graduate Nurse Testimonials

Here is what former New Graduate Residents are saying:

  • "I have been extremely happy with my new job at St Joes and enjoy working on the unit!"

  • "I loved the new grad residency program. I do not think I could have been as confident as I am without it!"

  • "The Residency program was so beneficial to my learning and a great way to learn pertinent information that is used on the floor. Many of the topics and skills we covered helped me to feel less stressed and overwhelmed and were often skills or situations I encountered in one of my next shifts on the floor."

  • "I feel my residency program has been very supportive and holistic. I feel as prepared as I can be for my role as a new RN. Thank you for the consistent support!"

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