Saint Joseph Hospital OB-Gyn Residency

Sub Internships

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology welcomes medical students from accredited U.S. or Canadian medical schools who are strongly considering OB/GYN as a career. The rotations are four weeks long and include both inpatient and outpatient care. Students work closely with house staff to assure sufficient patient contact. Students attend all OB/GYN educational conferences. We can offer one student per four week rotation on Urogynecology, and one student per four week rotation on Gynecology.

We accept students starting August 1, through January 31. We will accept applications  March 1 through May 1 and will alert all students by May 15th of their application status. Our available rotations for the 2022-2023 year are: 

1/3/23-1/27/23 (GYN only)

Applicants must have completed Part 1 of the USMLE and must have completed a third year Obstetrics and Gynecology rotation.

We will accept applications through the VSLO program.  Please contact us directly if you have any barriers to applying through this program. We will also accept applications emailed to the program directly. View the Clerkship Application Here.

Underrepresented minorities in medicine (URM) are strongly encouraged to apply; travel and lodging stipends are available for strong URM applicants. Contact us for more details regarding this program.

Preference for acting internships are given to candidates with:

  • Demonstrated commitment to caring for underserved populations
  • Spanish language proficiency
  • URM backgrounds
  • USMLE part 1 scores of 210 or higher

Gynecology - Course Description

1. Clinics: Four GYN Clinics per week provide opportunity for case work-up, pelvic examination (including Pap smears and diagnostic testing as indicated), endometrial and cervical biopsies, colposcopy, cryotherapy and laser LEEP therapy and medical gynecology. Patients with a history of pelvic malignancy are also followed in this clinic, as are problems related to reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

2. Inpatient care: Senior students will be assigned patients on a regular basis as they are admitted to the hospital. The student will function as a PGY-1 as follows:

  • obtain and record the history and physical exam
  • Discuss the differential diagnosis and management with a senior resident
  • participate in all diagnostic and therapeutic management of the patient while in the hospital, which includes assisting at surgery, providing follow-up, and preparing a discharge plan

3. Labor & Delivery Rotation: Students will rotate through labor & delivery on-call and a schedule will be created with you when you start. 

Gynecology - Course Objectives

1. To provide medical students with the opportunity to actively participate in the management of gynecological patients under the supervision of resident house staff.


  • Outpatient ambulatory clinics
  • Management of preoperative and postoperative patients
  • Operation room experience

2. To provide students the opportunity to participate in the management of patients with benign and malignant diseases of the reproductive organs.

3. To provide students with the opportunity to attend regularly scheduled conferences and seminars presented by the faculty and to study pertinent texts and journals

Urogynecology and Reconstructive Surgery - Course Description

1. Students will participate as junior health officers in the management of ambulatory and inpatients. 

2. Conduct history and physical examination on new patients

3. Discussion on findings and management with chief resident and urogynecologist

4. Workup for urinary incontinence

5. Workup for pelvic organ prolapse

6. Surgical correction of urinary incontinence

7. Surgical correction of pelvic organ prolapse

8. Evaluation and management of chronic pelvic pain

9. Students will attend regularly scheduled OB/GYN conferences.

10. Ample time is available on Friday for directed and independent reading.

11. Students are encouraged to take call on Friday on the L&D Deck and to take every 3rd or 4th night call to meet other OB/GYN residents and attending staff. 

Urogynecology and Reconstructive Surgery - Course Objectives

1. To provide interested medical students the opportunity to actively participate in the diagnosis and management of patients with urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain. The medical student will work under the supervision of the Urogynecologist on staff at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital and the resident on the rotation if one is present.

Rotation includes:

  • Two days in the operating room assisting with incontinence and reconstructive surgery
  • Daily office hours to include history taking, pelvic organ prolapse examination and urodynamic testing

If you have questions please contact the Program Administrator, Jennifer Libra, at or call 303-318-3270. During your rotation you will meet with 4th Year Medical Student Elective Administrator, Chris Geising, MD. Please have your school's evaluation form mailed or faxed (or bring it with you) and this will be filled out and sent to your school at the end of your rotation.

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