Saint Joseph Hospital OB-Gyn Residency

Medical Students

Medical students are valued members of our care team! We are affiliated with the University of Colorado medical school, so at all times there are four to six third-year medical students rotating with us during their required four week clerkship. The students spend a week each on labor and delivery days, labor and delivery nights, outpatient clinic, and GYN surgery. During their rotation, each medical student will develop and deliver a 30 minute presentation of their choosing to all housestaff during morning lecture rounds. In our busy specialty, on-the-fly learning experiences are essential. Residents who enjoy teaching and stand out for contributions to medical education are recognized with a certificate at an end-of-the-year awards ceremony.

Each year, Saint Joe’s residents, in conjunction with our local ACOG chapter and CU colleagues, host a Medical Student Skills Night in our state-of-the-art simulation center. This night is always heavily attended by upwards of 60 medical students from both CU and Rocky Vista University. Students and residents alike take advantage of the opportunity to share and hone tangible skills such as simulated vaginal and operative deliveries, steps of a C-section, LARC insertion, laparoscopic simulation, and knot tying.

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