Saint Joseph Hospital OB-Gyn Residency

Global Health

Saint Joe’s has developed a global health curriculum to educate our residents on topics surrounding global health, to promote awareness among the residents of global disparities in health outcomes, and to support women’s health around the world, both in low and middle income countries and in our underserved populations at home. This curriculum is in the form of quarterly lectures during our scheduled didactics given by both faculty and residents. The potential benefits of having a structured global health curriculum include:

  • Greater understanding of disparities, cultural differences, and socioeconomic factors affecting healthcare in Colorado's patient population.
  • Stronger preventative medicine/public health awareness
  • Increased awareness of the importance of patient education
  • Better utilization of physical exam and history taking skills
  • Understanding of political influences over healthcare
  • Better understanding of cost-utilization in medicine.

In addition to this curriculum, we have an established relationship with Arusha Lutheran Medical Center in Arusha, Tanzania that accepts one chief resident each year to travel with a faculty attending during their elective block. During this elective, the St Joe’s team provides workshops for local practitioners to develop laparoscopic and vaginal surgical skills, and participates in outreach clinics for cervical cancer (VIA) and HIV screening in remote Maasai villages.

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