Saint Joseph Hospital General Surgery Residency


Residents rotate between Acute Care, Minimally Invasive (including bariatric and thoracic), General Surgery, and Colorectal Surgery at St. Joseph Hospital. Oncologic resections and cancer care are included on the general surgery services.

Didactic conferences are held on a regular basis and are described elsewhere. Intermittent skills labs in the simulation center and an off-site animal lab are offered with faculty instruction to allow residents to practice laparoscopic and advanced endoscopic skills in a low stress environment.

Sample annual schedule by post graduate year:


Key: NF - Night Float (CV and Vascular Services)
GS NF - Night Float (General Surgery)
ACS - Acute Care Surgery
MIS - Minimally Invasive Surgery
Red - General Surgery (Kaiser Permanente Attendings)
Blue - General Surgery (SCL Attendings)
Surg Ctr - Outpatient Surgery Center Elective
DH SICU - Surgical Intensive Care Unit (at Denver Health MC)
TACS - Trauma and Acute Care Surgery (at Denver Health MC)
MCR - General Surgery (at Medical Center of the Rockies)
BMT - Bariatric, Thoracic, Minimally Invasive Surgery

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