Andrea Godina
Family Medicine Program Administrator

I’m Andrea. I started as a temp in May 2022, and before that I was working for imaging facilities doing insurance authorizations. I officially took the role of program administrator in September 2022 for Saint Joseph Family Medicine Residency Program. I love that I get to wear many hats in this role while supporting residents in their educational journey. Outside of work, my family, soccer, and my two dogs have all my time. I look forward to new challenges and rewards with each upcoming resident year.


175x225StaceyJuarezSJHFamilyMedicineResidencyStacey Juarez
Program Scheduling Coordinator

Stacey has been with Saint Joseph Hospital since 2006. After working in the hospital for two years, she transferred over to the Sr. Joanna Bruner Family Medicine clinic as the front office supervisor. In 2016, she transitioned to the new scheduling coordinator position in the Family Medicine Residency Program. As a scheduling coordinator, Stacey supports our faculty and residents with all their scheduling needs. With each upcoming resident year, she looks forward to the fresh energy that arrives with our new residents.


StaciaBatthStacia Batth 
Administrative Assistant

Stacia is Burner Family Medicine Residency's Administrative Assistant since January 2023. She has transferred over from SCL Heart and Vascular Institute. As an Admin Assistant, Stacia collects and tracks data for each Resident to ensure that they are meeting the requirement of the ACGME in order to graduate. It is a humble experience for Stacia to be a part of an exciting work environment and to watch the Residents grow and develop into wonderful doctors.

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