Saint Joseph Hospital Certified Nurse Midwives

After spending nine months with an expectant mom…delivery day is a celebration and we don't want to miss that moment with our patients. 
-Denise Nickel, a certified nurse-midwife

Request Medical Records

If you need your health or medical records, we will be happy to send them to you. We work to make the process as convenient and timely as possible, while also taking the necessary steps to make sure we protect your privacy and identity.

Complete your hospital’s submission form

Select the hospital where you received care to access the medical records request form. To avoid delays, fill out the forms completely and follow the instructions carefully.

How long does the process take and what does it cost?

Our hospitals will fulfill your medical records request within seven to 10 business days. We will inform you if we experience an unexpected delay. We may apply fees or charges in accordance with SCL Health policies, but we will notify you of any applicable fees before we process your request. If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact the hospital you are asking to provide medical records.

What if a patient is unable to sign the form?

If you or a loved one is unable to sign the request form due to a physical or mental disability, a guardian or court-named representative may sign instead. If no guardian or personal representative is named, an individual with medical power of attorney may sign. You must provide appropriate legal documentation with the request form if the patient is unable to provide his or her own signature. We cannot accept digital signatures.

Can the hospital provide a birth certificate?

We cannot provide birth certificates. These must be obtained from the government of the state where you were born.

Return forms to:

Fax:  303-467-8966

Email:  EH-CROI@sclhealth.org

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