Whether you’re a patient or a visitor, you deserve a positive, compassionate and healing experience. From the moment you arrive to the time you leave, you’ll find the support, resources and information you need.

Empowering care

We focus on education and support that empowers women. Our nurse-midwives do not make decisions for you but are there to provide the right support and information so you can make your own informed choices about the care you receive before, during and after pregnancy and labor.

Experience and expertise

All of our nurse-midwives at Saint Joseph Hospital hold Master's degrees in nursing and a special certification in nurse-midwifery. While we independently manage the care of our healthy patients, we have 24-hour access to board certified physicians in obstetrics and gynecology. Unless serious complications arise, you can expect to have all her prenatal and postnatal care needs met by our team of nurse-midwives.

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