How do you assure my baby's privacy?

  • We ask that parents and visitors not ask us about babies other than their own.
  • We will close patient room doors during scheduled shift change report times.
  • Only banded parents are given information over the phone.
  • If you have specific concerns, please discuss these with your baby’s nurse.

Can I use my cell phone in the SCN?

Certainly. There is also a hospital phone provided for your use. Dial 8 to reach an outside line.

Why does my baby need to be in the SCN?

The reasons for admission to the SCN vary. Some of the common reasons include: premature birth, respiratory problems, infections, low blood sugar, jaundice, and birth abnormalities.

Can my baby come out to Mom’s room on post partum?

Generally, babies admitted to the SCN need to remain in the SCN where they can be monitored by specially trained nurses. You are always welcome in the SCN and we encourage you to spend as much time with your infant as you want.